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Thai Silver Open Personzed Open Mouth Chalcedony Big Gem Red Garnet Yellow Green Chalcedony Ring Jasper White Jade Ring

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In Order to Enable Members to Get Due Services in Our Store and Avoid Unpleasant Things. Based on the Principles of Mutual Understanding, Fairness and Voluntariness, Both Parties Jointly Abide by the following Terms:
1. Our Store Promises
Responsible for the Information Directly Released by Our Company. If There Is Any Inconsistency between Words and Deeds, the Website Shall Bear the Loss Directly Caused to the Merchant. but Refuse to Bear the Loss Caused by the Customer's Own Reasons (Such as Not Looking at the Product Details and Product Attributes. For Example, the Single Pendant Is Not Necklace, the Product Has No Packaging Box, the Product Size Is Different from the Imagination, Etc.) I Hope Customers Can Read More and Ask More Questions.
Product Pictures Are Real Pictures, but Some of Them Come from the Internet. the Description of Each Product Is Accurate, and Customers Can Rest Assured to Buy. If Serious Errors Are Caused by Negligence on This Site, We Will Correct Them in Time and Return Them for Free.
Strictly Control the Quality of Products. in Case of Quality Problems, Our Company Implements Unconditional Return Maintenance.
Note: Our Company Is Only Responsible for the Current Confirmed Instant Orders. Information Needs to Be Updated Frequently. If Changes Occur after the Member Places an Order, We Will Notify the Member in Time and Decide Whether to Cancel the Order.
II. Member Order Requirements
Carefully Check the Order (Price, Quantity, Specifications, Etc.). If There Are Special Requirements, Please Explain Them in Time.
The Delivery Address and Contact Information Must Be Accurate, Otherwise the Relevant Losses Caused Therefrom Shall Be Borne.
Timely Payment of Orders. If No Payment Is Made Within Three Days after the Order Is Placed, the Order Will Be Automatically Canceled.
Please Check the Goods (Quantity, Quality, Specifications, Etc.) after Arrival. If You Have Any Questions, Please Contact Us in Time. If There Is No Problem, Please Confirm the Receipt in Time and Give Five-Star Praise! (Thank You!)
III. Other Agreements
If the Agreement Reached by Both Parties through Other Contact Methods Conflicts with These Terms, It Shall Be Implemented as Agreed by Both Parties.
Replacement of Defective Products: Within 3-7 Days after Receiving the Products, Members Will Find Products with Quality Problems. Please Contact Our Company First and Then Exchange It. Our Company Shall Bear the Return Freight.
Company Repair Or Maintenance: the Company Will Charge Additional Fees According to the Actual Situation. If the Company Is Unconditionally Responsible for the Product Quality Problems Caused by the Company, and If the Product Damage and Other Problems Caused by the Customer Accidentally, the Company Will Repair and Deal with Them According to the Customer's Requirements, however, the Return Postage Shall Be Borne by the Customer. If the Cost Exceeds 10.00 Yuan during Maintenance, the Customer Shall Bear the Basic Labor Cost.

Rich Product Lines: Spot Products, New Product Guidance, and Customization Requirements

Rich Product Lines Are Our Foundation. Whether It Is a New Model with Potential, We Can Provide Our Existing Inventory to Merchants. Our Company Sells New Products Every Month to Guide Fashionable Ones. at the Same Time, We Can Flexibly Customize Products According to Any Needs of Customers. Small and Medium-sized Customers Can Participate in Cooperation without Excessive Requirements.

Superior Production Line: Strong Productivity, Continuous Improvement of Processes, Products

Our Daily Output Is More than 1,000 Pieces, and We Also Have Many Processing Plants to Shorten the Production Cycle as Soon as Possible and Supply Goods in Time. There Are More than Ten Processes in the Production of Products. from the Beginning of the Product to the Factory Inspection, Every Process Is Indispensable and Has Strict Requirements. Professional Ornament, Because of Professionalism, So Focus!

D. Our Services: Provide Effective Help to Reduce Wholesale Requirements

Simple Supply Is Not Our Purpose. We Do Our Best to Help Merchants Sell Products Quickly. Therefore, We Set up an Experienced Promotion Department to Share Promotion Methods, provide Product Pictures Help with Publicity and Arrangement of Store Design. Our Company Can Mix Wholesale, Mixed Batch Threshold Is Low. A Single Model of 100 Pieces Can Be Customized with Pictures and Samples!

Customized processing

Relying on Its Own Factory, the Company Provides Customers with Personalized Processing and Customization Services.
Merchants Only Need to Provide Product Samples Or Clear Pictures of Product Details and Related Sizes, and We Can Customize Them According to These.
Our Company Will Estimate and Verify the Products According to the Customized Needs of Customers.
During the Production, Merchants Need to Advance the Mold Cost, Ranging from 0 to 100 Yuan. Our Company Is Communicating, Confirming and Verifying the Samples Produced through Reverse Mold, and Our Company Is Implementing Production.
For Large-Value Customized Orders, Merchants Need to Advance 20-50% of the Starting Funds According to the Customized Quantity before Production.

Online Store Joining (Currently, the Joining Method without Taking Stock Is Not Supported)

Advantages of Joining Online Stores--
1. The Company Provides Optimized Product Data Packages for Your Use.
2. Provide One Piece Dropshipping Goods Service to Reduce Your Cost. (Only Support Old Customers, Need to Add Some Fees)
3. Unify the Price of Products, Avoid Malicious Price Competition and Standardize the Market.
4. Inventory Quantity, Please Consult Customer Service to Avoid the Pressure of Empty Goods.
5. for a Small Number of out-of-Stock Products, Our Factory Will Process and Deliver Them for You Immediately Three to Five Days after You Place an Order.
6. Provide Monthly Promotion of New Products, Guide Sales and Promote Atmosphere.